About us

CEO's greeting

“How can we make our daily life better?”

Today, we are living days that we have never experienced before.
When everything is focused on the pandemic, we contemplated how we can maintain our principles.

To this day, we have focused on enabling people to live their desired blissful life by improving the value of their living space through our brands such as iaan apartments and Exordium premium apartments.

We will move towards a better world with our hearts focused on people so the values we have improved will impact more people and lead to further value enhancement.

Now, we continue our value enhancing ways by creating an environment where anyone can breathe freely.

We innovate each day in a place that is closest to everyone.

We are DW BIO. We are Daewoo Development Co., Ltd. Engineering & Construction.

Company overview

Antiviral Mask for A Better World

DW Bio Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of DW Development Co.,Ltd., a familiar apartment brand‘iaan’to the public.

We are proud of the largest mask production capacity by operating supersized and specialized manufacturing facilities with an excellent technology of Korea.

We DW Bio wishes everyone to recover their healthy life by breathing fresh air especially today when the breathing became more important than concerns on the environment.

Company Name DW Bio Co., Ltd.
Address 203, Gwahaksaneop 4-ro, Oksan-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Type of Business mask manufacturing and sales