Brand Introduction

Airdays', a good day for breathing


We are living a daily life with worries that we had never experienced before such as air pollution
including yellow dusts and micro dusts as well as the emergence of new viruses.

A reliable mask for me and family.

A mask made with premium materials that significantly reduces stuffiness even after long hours of wear.

A comfortable mask that secured an optimum space between mouth and mask for easier breathing.

A space designed.
'airdays', a mask for easy breathing.

Air Days Health Mask KF 94,
a 「quasi-drug product」 that has been certified by
the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Use it with confidence.


  • Certificate of quasi-drugs manufacturing

  • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety –quasi-drugs manufacturing and sales Certificate

  • CE Certificate

Certificate of Test

  • KF94 certified face mask filter test report
    (FITI Testing & Research Institute of Korea)

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Report
    (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute)

  • 피부 자극 시험 성적서
    (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute)